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Sabana Oeste, "Torre Médica 20/20" building, in front of the main entrance of the National Stadium. San Jose Costa Rica.

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(506) 2203-2020

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We are the most complete and advanced ophthalmological center in Costa Rica, our goal is for our patients to find here the...

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Smile surgery

It is the new technique for the minimally invasive correction of eyes visual abnormalities or defects. It is the most innovative technique for...

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed


What our customers say

Jorge Vindas

Journalist and Commercial Speaker

When I realized that there were laser surgeries, I started searching and I tried to find the best; then, I did some research among the ophthalmologists who had clinics, and I found Dr. Orlich and I knew he was the best doctor ever. Moreover, I had known that the Clinic 20/20 was making this type of surgeries very frequently, then I said, I will surely go.

The surgery does not hurt, it is not uncomfortable, and the recovery is super fast, my surgery was on a Thursday and on Monday I was at work.

One year after surgery I can say that my life has completely changed a lot and I'm sure there is a lot more to see.

Rodrigo Villalobos

Journalist, Announcer and Comedian

Being a journalist once I made a report about the different types of surgery for myopia and I found out that in Clinic 20-20 there was an innovative method called Smile, so I recorded it and saw how the surgery was done and then I thought: If it is done by those means, I absolutely go for it!

For a long time I avoided the surgery, only because of fear of having a blade or laser in my eye, it was hard for me to believe I could resisted when I I cannot even tolerate an eyelash... Now, after the procedure, I can tell that it was just painless, I have been impressed by the technology´s developments. The next day I was seeing perfectly.

I am very grateful to Dr. Orlich and his team.

Hanna Gabriels

Super Welter boxer

The experience is wonderful itself; the whole process of the surgery is painless; you do not feel anything.

When you have the blessing that several people join to improve some aspect of your life, you must feel lucky.

I felt a little nervous, but when you know you are in good hands there is nothing to worry about. I am very grateful to the whole group that was there, making my life better. God bless you.

If you want to improve your vision, do not hesitate and visit the 20/20 Clinic.


What our customers say

Thais Alfaro

TV Host

Rodrigo Villalobos

Journalist & StandUp Comedy

Alfonso Meneses

Business Administrator

Valeria Cháves

Administrative assistant

Jorge Vindas

Journalist & Commercial Speaker

Pilar Acuña


Hellen Mena

Ciclista y Orthodoncista

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