(Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction)

It is the new technique for the minimally invasive correction of visual defects. It is the most innovative technique to improve laser vision, with great advantages over LASIK used the last 20 years.

This technique combines the most innovative femtosecond laser technology on the market with a high precision and minimally invasive lenticular extraction for the correction of myopia and astigmatism.

System used: VisuMax femtosecond system.

Without Flap (thin corneal blade that rises before applying the laser in LASIK): previously, a flap or "cap" type was made, which was raised and had a lateral cut of approximately 20 mm, while with this technique no flap is made and a small incision of less than 4 mm is enough.

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The femtosecond VisuMax laser from Carl Zeiss has been developed to be used in the ReLEx SMILE procedure.

The high precision femtosecond laser allows correction of the refractive defect (myopia and astigmatism) without affecting the remaining corneal tissue.

It is characterized by its high cutting precision, a speed never seen before and a simple, effective and comfortable treatment technique for the patient.


Step 1

In just one step, VisuMax creates a refractive lenticule (small lens whose volume and shape are determined by the visual defect that needs to be corrected) and a small incision of less than 4mm. in the intact cornea, practically independent of the environmental conditions and the structure of the cornea.

Step 2

The lenticule is removed through the small incision. The biomechanical alteration of the cornea is minimal, without flap cut.

Step 3

The removal of the lenticule changes the shape of the cornea, creating the desired refractive change.

Advantages of the patient

Without Flap: the ReLEx technique allows a minimally invasive refractive correction.

• Maximum protection of the ocular structure.
• The preparation of the lenticel is done with the cornea intact.
• Minimally invasive access, 80% smaller than in LASIK and Femto-LASIK.
• The area of ​​the treated area is 1/3 less than in a Femto-LASIK.
• It is safe in the long term allows a very fast recovery.
• Less cases of dry eye syndrome.

• No pain during and after the procedure.
• Reduces the incidence of infections, epithelial growth below the flap, complications of the latter, and helps the epithelium recover faster.

One-step treatment: saves time and improves patient comfort.

• The operation is performed in one step, with only one laser and in a few minutes.
• No need to relocate the patient: all the refractive correction is done in a single system, the Visumax.
• Quick procedure.
• Maximum protection of the cornea

Fully femto: the whole procedure is carried out with the femtosecond laser.

• ReLEx uses only the VisuMax, which gives you access to the advantages of high precision femtosecond laser technology.
• High level of reproducibility and predictability of results, even in cases of high myopia.
• Accurate lenticular extraction.
• The patient does not stop seeing during the procedure.
• Treatment without noise, without pain and without odor.


Patient recovery

In most of the cases, the visual acuity sharpness is very good one or two days after the procedure and stabilizes completely after two or three weeks.
A few days after the surgery, the patient will be able to drive, work, use makeup and practice sports without glasses or contact lenses.
• Unlike LASIK, in which the patient must avoid sports that can generate a trauma to the eye, with SMILE there is no flap or flap that can move or present folds, making it ideal for patients who practice sports, or for women who use makeup.