EVO Visian ICL™

Phaquic IOL for the correction of refractive errors.

The EVO Visian ICL™, also known as the Implantable Collamer™ Lens, are the new generation for visual correction. This type of refractive procedure helps to correct the most frequent visual problems such as near-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.


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In harmony with your natural eye

What´s EVO Visian ICL™ made of?

The advanced Collamer™ lens material

Collamer™ is a proprietary material used exclusively by STAAR Surgical in the EVO lenses. This material contains collagen which naturally occurs in your body. Collamer™ technology has some unique characteristics that make it an ideal material for a visual correction lens.



Collamer™ is a unique material that contains collagen which means the lens is made to naturally be in harmony with your eye.

Soft and Pliable

Soft and Pliable

ICLs are easy to implant in the eye because of the soft and flexible structure. And they feel natural in the eye, you don´t see or feel them.

UV Protection

UV Protection

The unique collamer™ material provides UV protection, leaving the path of visible light without alteration.


A lot of procedures for visual correction promise an improvement in the visual quality; nevertheless, only few can offer the quality and characteristics found in the EVO Visian ICL™ lenses

  • Does not induce dry eye syndrome
  • Sharp, Clear vision
  • Excellent night vision
  • Great for thin corneas
  • The lens material is biocompatible and has UV protection
  • Corrects near-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism

A Quick procedure and recovery

The ICL material allows the insertion method to be minimally invasive through a small incision of 3.2mm. The procedure is fast and only needs topical anesthesia with eyedrops. Patients can usually expect a 20 to 30-minute procedure or less and most people are able to resume daily activities in just a few short days with clearer vision.

Remember any surgical technique can have complications. These are very infrequent with ICL and must can be resolve in a satisfactory way if detected on time, for this is necessary to follow medical instructions and come to the post-op appointments.

Reversibility for peace of mind

The advantage of EVO Visian ICL™ is that it can correct your vision permanently and it doesn’t remove any tissue during the procedure. If in any case in the future, the doctor wants or requires to remove the lens, EVO Visian ICL™ is completely removable.